Business Owner Planning

Business Owner Planning

For business owners, the success of your business is an integral component of your financial health. So you need a customized, comprehensive plan that thoroughly and thoughtfully integrates your goals, both personally and professionally. We believe connecting the many facets of your personal and business life puts both in a better position for financial success.

What you may be thinking:

  • What should my cash flow from my business to my personal life look like?
  • How can I optimize the profitability of my business?
  • What’s the best way to finance growth strategies for my business?
  • How can I put a plan in place to effectively transition my business?

Our Approach

At Buckingham, our wealth advisors are well-versed in the distinct planning needs of business owners, able and excited to help optimize your personal and professional finances. By gaining a deep understanding of your professional ambitions and taking stock of all of your resources, we work together to provide a well-informed, goal-oriented approach to planning elements, such as cash flow, tax minimization, debt optimization, retirement, health and work-life balance.

How Buckingham Helps

Our Business Owner Planning Conversations

  1. Key Person Insurance Evaluation
  2. Business Retirement Plan Review
  3. Business Continuity Planning
  4. Business Retirement Plan Establishment/Takeover
  5. Business Succession Planning

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