It’s a pursuit,
not a product.

Unlike some in the financial industry, we don’t have some mythical algorithm or suite of products we attempt to sell you. Rather, our people are our secret sauce. With an unapologetically disciplined approach rooted in science and evidence, we partner together to continually craft and seek to optimize your wealth strategy.

Serving specialized investment needs.

Even with the most detailed and comprehensive approach, there are still topics where it’s best to have specialized advisors on hand to help. From practice-integrated wealth management to planning through a divorce, we’re well-versed in helping clients navigate the intricacies in a handful of specific areas:

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Your success is a team effort.

Your success is a team effort.

Finding the right advisor is important. But we want to be perfectly clear — when you partner with Buckingham, you gain the strength of our entire organization.

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And if you’re looking for more, we have you covered.

We offer additional services for those individuals and businesses that have more complex situations or are just starting to think about money management.

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