Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Retiring with full financial independence is often the biggest goal our clients share, and one you should plan for as carefully as possible. It requires a comprehensive yet flexible strategy — one that brings all facets of your personal and financial needs together to create peace of mind and the ability to retire with the lifestyle you’ve envisioned. The depth of our advice and service allows us to deliver value well beyond your first day of retirement.

What you may be thinking:

  • What can I do to help increase the chances that I won’t outlive my money?
  • How can I maintain my lifestyle in retirement?
  • How do I avoid getting locked into a high tax bracket for the rest of my life?
  • How can I maximize the wealth I share with future generations and the causes I support?
  • Do I have the most tax-efficient retirement plan in place?

Our Approach

At Buckingham, we feel it’s important to fully explore your retirement goals and have in-depth discussions about the lifestyle you wish to maintain. Based on that, we develop a plan based on evidence and experience to put you in the best position to make those ambitions a reality. Our work doesn’t stop there as we continue to address your ever-evolving needs. We closely monitor changes in external factors as well, such as market performance, inflation and taxes. Ultimately, we strive to keep you on track and work toward the retirement you desire in all phases of life — from your accumulation of wealth, to your transition into retirement, distribution and even the legacy you provide.

How Buckingham Helps

Our Retirement Planning Conversations

  1. Goals-Based Retirement Planning
  2. Social Security Analysis and Planning
  3. Net Unrealized Appreciation Analysis and Planning
  4. Pension Election Analysis
  5. Transitioning to Assisted Living and Beyond
  6. Reverse Mortgage Planning

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