Estate and Trust Planning

Estate & Trust Planning

We know creating a plan for your estate is about much more than transferring your wealth or optimizing taxes. It’s about your intentions, values, family and legacy. It’s about creating the groundwork for positive change. By anticipating and leveraging the distinct financial complexities of each generation of your family, we help maximize your impact both throughout your lifetime and well into the future.

What you may be thinking:

  • Will my family’s wealth be safeguarded for generations to come?
  • How can I ensure the legacy I leave is significant and lasting?
  • Have all my essential documents been created and updated recently?
  • How can I help family and charitable causes now and in the future?
  • Who will be responsible for carrying out my wishes?

Our Approach

First and foremost, our view of your bigger financial picture helps us to best align your financial strategy with your estate plan and make sure they’re working in tandem toward the same goals. We help you fully understand the language and intent of your estate plan and collaboratively review it on a regular basis to ensure it remains as up to date and beneficial as possible, especially as estate laws change over time. We believe our broader purview puts us in a unique position to help ensure that all of your objectives are met.

How Buckingham Helps

Our Estate & Trust Planning Conversations

  1. Family Wealth Transfer Planning
  2. Estate Plan & Trusted Contact Review
  3. Estate Tax Analysis and Mitigation Planning

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