Buckingham Business Solutions

Buckingham Business Solutions

As a business owner, knowing the value of your business is paramount to planning for your future. So whether we integrate with your personal wealth management plan or act as a third-party resource, Buckingham is proud to offer Business Solutions like business valuations, succession planning, and even ways to enhance the value of your business.

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Did you know that a proper business transition typically required at least three to 10 years of planning? It’s a life-changing decision, and one that benefits from a sound strategy. Which is why, at Buckingham, we employ a multi-disciplinary team to pass on knowledge from our brightest minds in specific areas, such as financial planning, estate planning, business valuation, tax planning and succession/planning to help achieve your personal, professional and financial goals.

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Our value-added services.

We pride ourselves on digging into every facet of your business in order to paint a bigger picture. To do so, there are three primary ways our Business Solutions can help:

  • Business Valuations

    Whether it’s a formal opinion of value that includes the highest level of detail and fulfills the requirements needed to share with other parties, such as estate attorneys or the IRS, or a less formal value calculation, we provide business valuations to help solidify the foundation of your business strategy.

  • Value Enhancement

    After either a calculation of value or the more-detailed formal opinion of value, we’re happy to continue working with you and your business to help strategically enhance its value by searching for ways to increase profitability, cash flow and efficiency.

  • Succession Planning

    Succession planning is an integrated, proactive approach with our multi-disciplinary team to help business owners plan for their personal transition while addressing any implications it may have on the business, finances, taxes, insurance and even legal issues or contingencies for unexpected events.

The benefits of Buckingham Business Solutions

  • One common goal

    We can provide a streamlined, holistic plan than encompasses your personal and business finances. With a focused yet cohesive strategy, we help ensure every facet of your business is working to better achieve your personal life goals.

  • We'll take point

    We can spearhead the valuation or succession process among the various professionals who touch your business. Facilitating teamwork between your advisors, accountants, corporate counsel, estate attorney, or any professional to act on a unified front.

  • The Buckingham Experience

    Our team is known for a superior client experience, tailored to your individual needs. Drawing from decades of experience in the valuation, value enhancement and succession planning space.

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We welcome the opportunity to discuss your business and share how the Buckingham Business Solutions™ team can help. If you don’t see a time that works, please reach out to us at Business@buckinghamgroup.com.