We’re radically rational.

As practitioners of a fiduciary, Evidence-Driven Investing™ approach, we were founded on the belief that there’s a better way. Today, that same ideology applies — “doing well by doing right” as we say. Motivated not by how many assets we manage, but how many lives we improve.

Transparency above all else.

As a fiduciary, we not only personally pledge to put your needs first at all times, but also embrace our legal obligation to do so. We’re fee-only advisors who are dedicated and even obsessed with helping our clients realize their life and wealth goals. No brokers. No commissions. Just sound advice with your best interests at heart.

Our strategy

Research-driven and data-devout.

When it comes to growing and protecting your wealth, we prefer decades of peer-reviewed research over simple intuition or gut. We trust you’d agree. With our strategic and scientific approach to investing and financial planning, there’s little room for guesswork as we continue to craft and seek to optimize your financial strategy.

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Your success is a team effort.

Your success is a team effort.

Finding the right advisor is important. But we want to be perfectly clear — when you partner with Buckingham, you gain the strength of our entire organization.

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