February 15, 2023

Legacy Planning for Construction Business Owners: Heirs, Charity or the IRS?

As a construction industry business owner, you’ve worked hard, made sacrifices and took risks to create your wealth.

Now what?

In our recent “Legacy Planning for Construction Business Owners: Heirs, Charity or the IRS?” webinar, Buckingham Wealth Advisor Elliot Dole took a deep dive into wealth distribution options, the unique challenges clients may face as they transition into the next phase of life and why it’s best to “begin with the end in mind.”

During this interactive Q&A session he shares insight on:

  • Short term planning distractions
  • Opportunities
  • Legacy goals
  • Challenges
  • IRS implications
  • Communicating your wishes with your heirs
  • Increasing your odds for success
  • Next steps

Take the first step in living your best post-retirement life by watching the replay now!

About the Author

Elliot Dole

Advanced Planning Advisor

Elliot Dole is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional whose practice is centered around clients’ needs and dreams. As an Advanced Planning Advisor at Buckingham, Elliot provides client solutions and acts as a valuable resource for advisors. Also, a practicing Wealth Advisor, Elliot draws on experience working in the field with high-net-worth clients and professional advisors. His areas of concentration include client development, charitable legacy planning, and advisor development.

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