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Let’s build the future of your firm.

Whether you’re looking to accelerate your growth, build a strategic succession plan or ready to retire, Buckingham Strategic Wealth can help you evaluate options and put your plans into action.

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Experience is everything.

For more than a decade, forward-thinking advisors like you have turned to us to bring their futures into focus – and to make the most of the opportunities ahead. To us, and to the firms who partner with us, this is a decision that’s about more than numbers.

Our team has created an approach built around three core values:




Protect your business

How can you protect your firm, your team members and your clients – while planning for your future?

Let's make a plan

Bringing like-minded advisors together benefits everyone.

When we work with financial advisors who share our approach and values, it’s good for everyone.

We gain the power to share evidence-based planning with more people. Firms are better positioned to succeed. Advisors are better equipped to meet client needs.

And together, we can help clients fulfill their financial dreams.

That’s the idea behind Buckingham Strategic Wealth, and we invite you to join us. For you, for your employees, and for your clients.

Meet our team

We love building partnerships.

With like-minded advisors and firms across the country – just like you.

We walk step by step with our prospective partners, guiding them through a process that ultimately produces firmer footing for their future, as well as the futures of their valued team members and clients. For over a decade, we’ve partnered with advisors who are growth-oriented, focused on their own succession planning, or somewhere in between.

The Buckingham Strategic Wealth Experience.

Let’s get to know each other.

Our in-depth exploration process will help us learn about your goals, your approach and your client experience. This will allow us to focus on what matters most to you and put your mind at ease throughout the process.

Let’s create a plan.

We’ll take a look at things like your investment policy, team culture, finances, technology and more – all to create a plan that intertwines the best of what you have with the best we have to offer.

Let's put it all into action.

From here, our 30-plus professionals will begin integrating our two firms. We’ll always collaborate with you, every step of the way, smoothing the process and minimizing surprises.

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