Sudden Wealth

Sudden Wealth Planning

If you come into a large sum of money overnight through an inheritance, lawsuit settlement, lottery or unexpected event, what is the next step? The Buckingham team understands the nuances of this unique situation and the emotional impact you might experience. While you may feel financially unprepared or overwhelmed, our team is here to guide you. Our associates work to keep your newfound wealth safe from excessive taxes and unnecessary investment risks. We can help align your recently acquired funds with your life and financial goals as you transition into this next phase.

What you may be thinking:

  • How do I make wise financial decisions to preserve the funds and grow them for my family?
  • Will my taxes be drastically different moving forward, and how do I plan wisely for those changes?
  • How do I successfully balance investing for the future, handling today’s cashflow issues and paying down debt … while still enjoying my life?
  • How do I handle the emotional aspects of my newfound wealth that may be preventing me from moving forward?
  • What updates to my insurance plan and estate documents are needed?
  • How can I find trustworthy professionals to help, and what questions should I be asking them?

Our Approach

We understand that suddenly having a large sum of money at your disposal is a life-changing experience that brings new challenges. The thought of paying off your mortgage, retiring, purchasing new vehicles and traveling are at the top of many lists. However, there are numerous legal, financial and emotional aspects to consider. You may be pulled in multiple directions for the use of the funds. It’s common to be concerned about overspending or being inundated by fear of losing your new prosperity. Rest assured our advisors have the training and experience to help you overcome these obstacles, enjoy your life and achieve financial security.

Specialized Advisors

Meet some of our best minds in Sudden Wealth Planning.

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