May 29th, 202411:00 a.m Central Time

May 29th, 2024 | 11:00 a.m Central Time


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Fifty Years, Three Bear Markets: Some Investing Lessons from History

Since 1973, the U.S. stock market has dramatically declined on three different occasions. Discover how despite these setbacks, domestic companies have bounced back and continued to grow their dividend earnings strongly over time.

In the last five decades, the U.S. stock market has weathered through three significant declines. In this session, the team will take a deep dive into why this happens, the impact of these fluctuations and why it’s best to stay the course on your investing journey

This session explores:

  • The causes of dramatic declines in the stock market
  • How these drops have impacted the S&P 500
  • Some reasons why earnings have bounced back so robustly
  • Why there is no reason to panic, even in the most volatile markets
  • And key takeaways

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Featured Speakers

  • Erik J. Christman, CFP®, CPA and Patrick J. Walsh, CFP®

    Erik Christman and Patrick Walsh are wealth advisors in Buckingham’s Cincinnati office and have worked together providing advice to clients for nearly 15 years. Clients can count on them to be providing clarity, confidence and being a catalyst to get things done. This straightforward approach, coupled with a data-driven planning process and investment philosophy, allows Erik and Pat to coach clients through good and bad markets to make sure they have actionable strategies to reach their goals.

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