Special Needs

Special Needs Planning

Ensuring the well-being of loved ones is an ever-present goal of wealth management, but providing for individuals with special needs requires a little more attention. With Special Needs Planning, we can help ensure that a loved one with a physical, behavioral or intellectual challenge has the opportunity to live his or her best life. At Buckingham, we will work with you to design a comprehensive approach that incorporates financial, resource, legal and life planning for these individuals.

What you may be thinking:

  • What steps can I take to ensure that my hopes for my loved one’s future will become reality?
  • Who will serve as their advocate and caregiver if I am unable to do so?
  • How do I ensure they will continue to receive their government benefits?
  • What legal actions should we take, including determining the need to establish a Special Needs Trust?
  • How do I create a team of specialists who will be able to address future healthcare, vocational, communication, psychological and personal assistance needs?

Our Approach

At Buckingham, we have guided many clients through the process of creating a plan that will help safeguard the future of individuals with special needs. Our approach is to have meaningful conversations intended to help you clarify your thoughts and discuss opportunities that can help you better define your goals. It can be a complicated process, but starting with your areas of concern and learning the preferences of both you and your loved one, we can address things like leveraging federal and state government benefits, creating a letter of intent and helping you build a team of resources to assist them now and in the future.

How Buckingham Helps

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Specialized Advisors

Meet some of our best minds in Special Needs Planning.