Christianity-Based Wealth Management

Christianity-Based Wealth Management

Christianity-Based Wealth Management begins with your personal convictions. It’s a specialized approach, tailored to honor biblical principles and glorify God through your wealth management decisions. It’s an added layer onto our evidence-based approach that factors in a greater understanding of the commands and principles of Scripture and how to implement them into our lives.

What you may be thinking:

  • How does Christianity-based financial advice differ from more standard methods?
  • How can I intertwine my financial life goals with my God-given goals?
  • What is a Certified Kingdom Advisor®?
  • How can I be sure my financial strategy aligns with my personal convictions?

Our Approach

Our Certified Kingdom Advisors® meet high standards in integrity, character and competence to help you navigate financial decisions through the lens of a biblical worldview. Beginning with our life planning process, we’ll create and continuously seek to optimize a financial strategy that aligns with your God-given goals, helping you plan for your financial future with academic financial knowledge and biblical wisdom.

How Buckingham Helps

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