May 08, 2024

Evidence-Driven Planning™

Discover how Buckingham minimizes lifetime tax liabilities, grows assets and protects portfolios through three underutilized – but highly successful – planning strategies.

How can Evidence-Driven Planning™ benefit your portfolio and future wealth?

In this webinar, you will learn three scientifically-based planning methods Buckingham uses to minimize future taxes as part of our Evidence-Driven Planning™ process, including:

  • Designing tax-efficient portfolios through asset location
  • Managing tax brackets through Roth conversions during early retirement years
  • Optimizing tax efficiency of charitable gifting strategies

About the Author

Ken Rosenbaum

Wealth Advisor

Connecting with clients isn’t just part of the job for wealth advisor Ken Rosenbaum. He is proud when he’s able to work alongside his clients and their families, applying a holistic approach to wealth management and an evidence-based investment philosophy to help them make smarter financial decisions that will enhance their lives. He joined Buckingham Strategic Wealth in 2009.

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