October 31, 2023

5 Steps to Creating a Less Taxing Retirement

Retirement should be an eagerly anticipated hallmark event. Unfortunately, outstanding questions driven by complexities and unknowns surrounding retirement displace excitement with uncertainty, even when individuals have properly saved and planned. But it doesn’t need to be this way … we’re here to help!

In this replay, Buckingham Wealth Partners’ Chief Planning Officer and Kitces.com’s Lead Financial Planning Nerd Jeffrey Levine as he shares five strategies to empower those preparing for retirement, including how to:

  • Minimize income tax
  • Maximize Social Security benefits
  • Safeguard portfolios from risk
  • Protect your family’s finances
  • Make your wishes known in the case of incapacity or death

If you have questions about content in the video, contact your advisor. If you do not work with an advisor, we would happy to help. Please make a Calendly appointment in the form below.

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