April 24, 2023

Financial Institution Stability: How Secure are Your Savings?

When you trust a financial institution with your hard-earned savings, you assume it will be there for you when you need it. But what happens if that institution has financial troubles or even goes bankrupt?

While there are safeguards to protect investors, your coverage depends on many factors, including the type of institution, your specific investments and how your accounts are titled. Join Buckingham’s Chief Investment Officer Kevin Grogan, CFA, CFP® and Brian Haywood, Investment Strategy Advisor, as they share insights on the options that can help secure your savings.

In this interactive workshop, Kevin and Brian cover the topics below:

  • The three different types of investor protection.
  • Which products are insured by the FDIC and which are not.
  • Options to insure your assets when they exceed FDIC coverage limits.
  • The role of the Securities Investor Protection Corp. (SIPC) in protecting brokerage accounts.
  • What to know about state protections for insurance products.

About the Author

Kevin Grogan

Chief Investment Officer

As Chief Investment Officer for Buckingham Wealth Partners, Kevin conducts investment research and writes articles on a wide range of topics, including retirement planning and investment policy. Kevin co-authored "The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need for the Right Financial Plan" with Larry Swedroe and Tiya Lim. This step-by-step handbook focuses on the art of investing by providing investors with information they can use to build a tailor-made investment strategy. Kevin holds an MBA from Saint Louis University and a bachelor’s of science in finance from Missouri State University in Springfield.

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