March 01, 2023

Social Security Benefits: 5 Things Married Couples Should Know

Social Security benefits are an important source of income for many couples. Unfortunately, the rules surrounding those benefits are incredibly complicated, making it difficult to determine who should claim what benefit when and how much the couple will actually receive.

This workshop aims to demystify some of the complexity surrounding Social Security benefits and helps couples make informed decisions by exploring five things married couples should know about benefits. Topics covered include:

  1. Why Social Security requires higher-earning couples to save more to maintain their lifestyle throughout retirement
  2. The basics of spousal benefits and what couples should consider
  3. Why the higher-earning spouse should generally plan with the second spouse’s lifespan in mind
  4. How working in retirement can affect a couple’s benefits
  5. Understanding the family maximum rule and how it can reduce certain benefits

About the Author

Jeffrey Levine

Chief Planning Officer

Clients deserve a knowledgeable advisor who is up to date on the latest changes in the laws, regulations, tools, and trends that may impact their overall financial plan. As Chief Planning Officer, Jeffrey works closely with the Buckingham team to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for clients that makes it easy to plan and instill confidence as they work towards their most important goals.

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