September 19, 2023

Strategies for Effective Gifting to Family Members

Thinking of gifting money to your family members? Whether you want to help fund your child’s wedding, contribute to your grandchildren’s college savings, or simply want to transfer wealth in the most tax-efficient way, there are many factors to consider when it comes to the gift of money.

To make the most of your gift, you’ll need to plan for the potential tax consequences and how the gift fits in with your overall financial goals and estate plan. In this webinar, Chief Planning Officer Jeffrey Levine discusses the key rules and considerations when giving money or assets to family members annually and over your lifetime.

You’ll learn strategies such as:

  • The two ways of gifting that won’t create new taxes.
  • Ways to effectively pass assets to heirs by leveraging annual and lifetime gifts.
  • What can and cannot be gifted.
  • Other considerations when gifting to avoid undesirable consequences to both you and the recipient of the gift.

About the Author

Jeffrey Levine

Chief Planning Officer

Clients deserve a knowledgeable advisor who is up to date on the latest changes in the laws, regulations, tools, and trends that may impact their overall financial plan. As Chief Planning Officer, Jeffrey works closely with the Buckingham team to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for clients that makes it easy to plan and instill confidence as they work towards their most important goals.

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