August 23, 2021

Making Sense of Education Savings: What's Right for You?

Feeling overwhelmed by your college savings choices? It’s no wonder – there are myriad options, and which ones are a good fit will depend on your specific circumstances. Whether you’re saving for college, graduate school or some other educational credential, working alongside an advisor who understands the available savings vehicles and their rules can help ensure that the decisions you make best serve your goals and are in concert with your overall financial plan. If you’re in the process of deciding on an education savings path, let this decision tree, written by Buckingham Wealth Advisor David Ressner, help guide you!

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About the Author

David Ressner

Wealth Advisor

As a wealth advisor at Buckingham Strategic Wealth, Dave Ressner strives to enrich his clients’ lives. Financially, that means helping minimize their taxes, protecting their wealth and preventing them from jeopardizing their financial security. Personally, that means giving them the freedom to pursue their passions and enjoy their lives.

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