April 05, 2018

Turbocharging Inorganic Growth: CEO Adam Birenbaum on Michael Kitces' Financial Advisor Success Podcast

In a recent episode of the Financial Advisor Success Podcast, CEO Adam Birenbaum gives Michael Kitces an inside look at Buckingham’s story of strategic growth over the last decade, some insights into changes facing the financial services industry, and his take on why our bottom line is and must always remain a commitment to offering clients an unparalleled experience.

“If we are not delivering a world-class, exceptional client experience, I think everything else … ends up being kind of an afterthought,” he says. “Because if you’re not doing everything you possibly can to add value to clients’ lives … then the reality is it doesn’t matter who your competition is because … everybody is going to eat your lunch.”

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About the Author

Adam Birenbaum

Chief Executive Officer

As chief executive officer for Buckingham Wealth Partners, Adam Birenbaum provides the dedicated, strategic leadership critical to advancing Buckingham’s position as one of the leading independent wealth management firms in the United States.

Equally important to implementing his progressive vision for the future is his commitment to the firm’s enduring legacy and his role of being the standard bearer of the history, values and culture established by the firm’s founders.

Adam is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and St. Louis University School of Law. He is an avid sports fan, an active collector of sports memorabilia and a lover of movies. He and his wife, a pediatrician, have three wonderful children—two daughters and a son.

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