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Steve Weiss
Steve Weiss

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About Steve

Steve Weiss is a seasoned wealth advisor with a passion for empowering others through financial knowledge. Using a client-centered approach, Steve takes the time to meet his clients where they are in life, understanding their unique needs and concerns, whether they are planning for retirement or facing other financial decisions in the near future. Additionally, Steve’s understanding of Social Security matters has made him an invaluable resource for clients, and he serves as Buckingham’s Social Security subject matter resource.

Steve's journey into financial planning began during his time in the music industry, where he initially sought financial knowledge for personal reasons. Applying what he learned to help others, his knack for clearly explaining complex concepts soon attracted friends, family and colleagues to seek his advice. Driven by the rewarding experience of guiding others toward financial clarity and security, Steve pursued his Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation and embarked on a career dedicated to helping individuals make intelligent choices with their money, so they can live without financial worry. Today, having served as a wealth advisor at Buckingham Strategic Wealth for over a decade, Steve continues to be a catalyst for positive change in his clients' lives.

Steve graduated from the University of Michigan, and he received his Certificate in Financial Planning from Boston University. He is also a recognized author and contributor to the field of retirement planning, having co-authored the chapters on Social Security and Health Savings Accounts in the acclaimed book "Your Complete Guide to a Successful and Secure Retirement," by Larry Swedroe and Kevin Grogan, which earned a spot on The Wall Street Journal's list of "The Best Books About Retirement and Aging."

A resident of St. Louis, Steve is an avid music lover who enjoys volunteering, photography and spending as much time with his wife and son as possible.