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Stephanie Guerin
Stephanie Guerin

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About Stephanie

As a wealth advisor, Stephanie helps her clients by talking truth to power. Stephanie believes that people who want to be told hard truths typically make the most progress in achieving all their life goals – not just the financial ones. She works closely with her clients, and their other professional advisors, to develop and implement a strategy that gets them out of their own way so they can achieve their best life. Stephanie works with “alpha” personalities - typically business owners, equity law partners and professionals transitioning careers or into retirement.

Meeting her clients where they are, Stephanie works to build trust around commonalities - love of family, passion for career, the desire to make a difference. She loves the “wow” moments when a plan comes together. From the first year to the twentieth year of a plan, looking back on a client’s initial balance sheet from their first meeting to where they are now is one of the most fulfilling parts of her day – the other is dinner with her family!

Stephanie always thought she would work in politics – she was attracted to wealth management because of the immediate impact she could make on people’s lives. When she was young, she watched her grandparents and others she was close to lose their financial security because of inadequate financial planning. Stephanie drew on those experiences to build a career in wealth management to make a meaningful contribution to building her community.

Stephanie served as CEO of The Planned Approach for 19 years before the firm joined Buckingham in 2021. Stephanie earned a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Kansas with a triple major in psychology, communication studies and political science. She also holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional designation.

Outside of the office Stephanie is working to build a $20 million endowment for local nonprofit Operation Breakthrough. She also serves at a Girl Scouts leader, a Boy Scouts assistant leader and a sponsor of the Women Who Mean Business Alumni.

Stephanie loves relaxing with her husband and two teenagers in a kayak or by a fire with friends at her home at Lake Lotawana. She would almost always rather be writing and is working on a number of essays and her first book. She is the “Dancing Queen” ABBA sang about and is never without music playing somewhere nearby.

IRN 21-2858