Krystyn Rash


Associate Wealth Advisor

11325 Random Hills Road, Suite 210
Fairfax, VA 22030

Krystyn Rash
Krystyn Rash

Professional Certifications

  • FPQP® – Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional

About Krystyn

As an associate wealth advisor Krystyn collaborates with clients and prospective clients to design, build and protect a holistic financial plan based on their unique values, goals and risk tolerance. She manages client relationships, participates in the financial planning process and helps manage trading, cash, and investment strategy implementation.

Krystyn decided to enter the wealth planning industry to build deeper relationships with clients beyond a transactional relationship, helping to give them peace of mind. She feels financial planning gives people the freedom to take calculated risks. It lets them know which things to worry about and which worries they don’t need to hold onto. Her favorite moments are hearing what a client is planning to do once they feel comfortable making a major decision. Are they going to take a memorable trip, buy a house somewhere exciting? Or maybe they’re just going to really get into model trains!

Krystyn served at Focus Wealth Management before the firm joined Buckingham Strategic Wealth in 2017. She previously served at McLean Mortgage, Accelera Solutions and MetLife Home Loans. Krystyn earned a bachelor of arts in international affairs with minors in economics and Latin American studies from James Madison University. She also holds the Certified Financial Planner™ and Financial Paraplanner Qualified professional™ designations.

A Virginia native, Krystyn currently lives in Haymarket with her family. She loves the access to hiking, historical sites, and the occasional craft brewery that is available living in Virginia. In her downtime, she likes to cross stitch, eat macaroni and cheese, teach her baby to blow raspberries, and argue with her husband about Star Wars.