St. Louis

Eric Schaefer


Wealth Advisor

8182 Maryland Avenue, Suite 500
St. Louis, MO 63105

Eric Schaefer
Eric Schaefer

Professional Certifications

  • FBS – Certified Financial Behavior Specialist®

About Eric

Eric’s journey into financial advising began on an informal path during his time serving in the military. While helping the soldiers under his command improve their financial habits, he stumbled across his passion for helping others navigate challenging financial decisions. While very much an introvert by nature, building relationships with clients is one of those rare areas where Eric opens up and seeks out deep, meaningful conversations and relationships with others.

As a wealth advisor, Eric works directly with clients to help take some of the friction out of financial solution exploration. He helps them identify their passions and build a custom plan to achieve their short-term and long-term pursuits.

The dynamic landscape of consumer economics and the challenges that are presented with each unique client situation intrigued Eric, and his military background helped prepare him for the role. There are few professions that require such a high level of adaptability, provide such a diverse array of complex problems to solve and allow you to directly witness the positive impact of your work on the lives of others, and to share in that joy for that matter.

Eric served as an associate advisor at GreenCourse Financial Advisors prior to joining Buckingham in 2020. His finance experience spreads across the industry. He has also served as in the U.S. Army both domestically and abroad, as an airborne infantry squad leader. Eric received a bachelor’s degree in financial planning from the University of Illinois and a master of business administration with an emphasis on financial psychology from Creighton University. He has received the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification and is a Certified Financial Behavior Specialist®. Eric also serves as a volunteer with the Wounded Warrior Project.

While Eric and his wife currently reside in St. Louis, they met while he was deployed in Afghanistan. Upon returning to the States, they were engaged and married within three months. For the last eight years their life has centered around their daughter and her pets, Sophie and Skye.