July 30, 2014

Tim Maurer Chosen as Panelist for National Financial Advisor Week

Tim Maurer, wealth advisor at Buckingham and Director of Personal Finance for The BAM ALLIANCE was chosen as a panelist for the inaugural National Financial Advisor Week happening Sept. 15-19, 2014 at Times Square in New York City.

The event, created by the financial data and information publishing company AdviceIQ, will bring together thousands of investors, advisors and media for a week of 120 educational events focused on everything from choosing and advisor to paying for college to understanding your 401(k).

As Director of Personal Finance, Maurer is both an advisor and an educator, providing financial advice to individuals, families and organizations and educating the broader public through his writing and TV appearances. He has appeared on CNBC, Nightline and the Nightly Business Report on PBS. He writes weekly for Forbes.com and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Money magazine and others. “Educating investors is part of our core mission and at the very heart of what we do every single day,” says Maurer. “Participating in this event is a natural extension of that mission. I embrace the opportunity to work alongside the other experienced advisors and media outlets partnering to help engage, entertain and educate investors.”

Maurer will speak on Sept. 15, the event’s opening day. For additional details about the event or to register as a participant, visit http://nfaw.com.

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