October 16, 2023

Buckingham Recognized by International Organization’s “Allocator Awards”

The hard work of Chief Investment Officer Kevin Grogan and his dedicated team has been noticed across the pond!

Buckingham Strategic Wealth has been recognized by London-based global asset management as the Institutional RIA of the Year. This international award highlights Buckingham’s evidence-driven investment philosophy, which serves as the foundation for every personalized wealth plan we create.

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The Allocator Prize for Institutional RIA of the Year, an annual award, is given to an advisor or firm delivering institutional quality portfolio management, talent, research, and/or manager access to individuals. The award is based on nomination by an individual through an open call process promoted vias public social media and The Allocator Newsletter. Once nominated, independent judges vote and award the winners based on feedback and qualitative factors, that is supported by quantitative information, including information from the Form ADV and BrokerCheck.. These judges are not affiliated with Buckingham Strategic Wealth. Buckingham Strategic Wealth, or its affiliates, did not receive or give compensation for this award.

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