January 06, 2013


Irvine, CA-based Wealth Management Group, LLP is the seventh firm to join Buckingham since 2010, totaling more than $1.5 billion in assets. Buckingham manages or administers more than $20 billion in assets (as of December 31, 2013).

St. Louis—January 6, 2013

Buckingham, the St. Louis-based financial services firm, is expanding its nationwide presence by entering into a transaction with Irvine, CA-based Wealth

Management Group (WMG), an $89 million- Registered Investment Advisor firm. WMG will assume the Buckingham name.

“This is another important step forward as our organization works to become the recognized leader in the independent wealth management space,” says Adam Birenbaum, Buckingham’s chief executive officer. “Already represented in Cupertino and Santa Rosa, expanding in southern California strongly contributes to our robust resources in that state and to our ability to serve clients there and around the country.”

Wealth Management Group advisors David George, CPA, PFS and Phillip Ho, MBA along with client support specialist Amber Baugh-Mehta, who together advise client families totaling $89 million in assets, will become part of the Buckingham team.

This is Buckingham’s seventh such transaction. The combined assets of these firms total more than $1.5 billion and have given Buckingham physical presence in St. Louis, Irvine, Dallas, San Francisco and the Silicon Valley area.

“This move will be a huge win for everyone involved. Our Irvine advisors will be able to offer an even deeper level of service to their clients, while we continue to add to our exceptional talent base,” says Birenbaum.

Buckingham is part of the Focus Financial Partners network of firms. By joining Buckingham, WMG will also become part of the BAM ALLIANCE, a community of more than 150 independent, like-minded advisory firms throughout the country that manage more than $20 billion (as of Dec. 31, 2013).

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