Our relationship with Michael Kitces

New priorities.

You've worked hard. Put in the time. And made plenty of sacrifices along the way. And now that you've realized some major financial goals, your life is transitioning, and new priorities are emerging.

How do you know if you are picking the right financial partner to help you make this transition successfully?

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The ideal fit.

You've worked hard to accumulate your wealth. It's all you've got to rely upon for the balance of your life. You know how crucial it is to find the right partner.

We couldn't agree more. As a firm founded by four CPAs, we serve our clients as a highly collaborative fiduciary, through a fee-only, evidence-driven approach.

That's why our clients typically hire us during the biggest transitions in their lives, to help address their deepest worries. And our experience has revealed some common themes.

  • "I've spent my lifetime accumulating this wealth. Now it's got to last."
  • "My financial life has gotten more complex, and the consequences of being wrong, bigger."
  • "Priorities are changing. I want to enjoy my wealth, not worry about it."
  • "I need real expertise, someone to make sure I don't make mistakes I'll regret in retirement."

From helping you identify strategies that can assist you in making your money last longer to avoiding financial mistakes with the help of a trusted financial advisor, our fiduciary approach means always acting in your best interest. Always.

Buckingham Strategic Wealth by the numbers

  • Founded


  • Total Clients


  • Client Assets Under Management



  • Team Members**


  • Advisors Focused on
    Serving Our Clients


Clients, team member and number of advisor Information as of June 30, 2023

*As of December 31, 2023, Buckingham, managed $25.47 billion on a discretionary basis and $1.56 billion on a non-discretionary basis for a total of $27.03 billion assets under management. In addition, Buckingham provided services to $1.28 billion of participant-directed retirement plan assets. In the aggregate, the total number of assets under management or administration was $28.31 billion.

**Team member number includes BSW and BSP associates.

All about you. All the time.

  • Retirement Planning

    We help you determine the lifestyle your wealth can support, generate the cash flow to pay for it, invest the assets to sustain that lifestyle, and help you navigate the complex Social Security and Medicare decisions that arise along the way.

  • Tax Planning

    We help you project your current and future tax liabilities – not just at tax season – but during the year, while you can still react. Then, we help you implement tactics to reduce your tax liabilities. We can also prepare your annual tax return for a separate fee.

  • Estate & Trust Planning

    We can assist in reviewing wills, trusts and other legal documents to help you understand where your money will go after you're gone, and whether you and your attorney should make updates that better align with your exact wishes.

  • Business Owner Planning

    We help you get a proper valuation for your business, strategize the best way to harvest its value, and sit alongside you, your attorneys and accountants, to counsel you through the process.

  • Charitable Giving

    We work to identify the best ways to accomplish your charitable goals in a manner that maximizes the tax benefits along the way. From donor-advised funds and charitable trusts to establishing a family foundation.

  • Investment Planning

    We will invest your assets into a broad-based diversified portfolio, taking advantage of market opportunities, while working proactively to minimize costs, optimally locate your investments for tax purposes, and rigorously monitor every holding.

Evidence before everything.

When clients place their trust in us, we honor that trust by relying on decades of peer-reviewed research to inform and validate our recommendations. It’s an extraordinarily complete wealth management experience – incorporating and advising on virtually every aspect of your financial life. We call it “doing well by doing right.” Because we firmly believe one should never come at the other’s expense.

The people who power the Buckingham experience

We have hundreds of experienced financial advisors. The culture of our firm flows from the top down, and we're proud of the intellectual power of our leadership team.

  • image: https://buckingham-wealth.transforms.svdcdn.com/production/images/people/Birenbaum-Adam.png?w=650&h=680&auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=crop&dm=1695244879&s=8900ab530cd2e41eff4cfaf331b88e8b

    Adam Birenbaum

    Chief Executive Officer

  • image: https://buckingham-wealth.transforms.svdcdn.com/production/images/people/Hartman-Wendy_1.jpg?w=650&h=680&auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=crop&dm=1612995797&s=f14740895f625c8d1dd5383988f13299

    Wendy Hartman


    President, Buckingham Strategic Wealth

  • image: https://buckingham-wealth.transforms.svdcdn.com/production/images/people/Grogan-Kevin.jpg?w=650&h=680&auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=crop&dm=1695244370&s=e97ff73e619e3c9323b40bbee7372d94

    Kevin Grogan


    Chief Investment Officer

  • image: https://buckingham-wealth.transforms.svdcdn.com/production/images/people/Hysi-Blerina.jpg?w=650&h=680&auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=crop&dm=1695314586&s=bc3f980ab219ac2bbc6b02a3981475da

    Blerina Hysi

    Director, Fixed Income

  • image: https://buckingham-wealth.transforms.svdcdn.com/production/images/people/Strasbaugh-Susan.jpg?w=650&h=680&auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=crop&dm=1695329520&s=d48c024c4f1524b5f161bcbd8b2493cb

    Susan Strasbaugh

    CFP®, EA

    Wealth Advisor

  • image: https://buckingham-wealth.transforms.svdcdn.com/production/images/people/Kizer-Jared.jpg?w=650&h=680&auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=crop&dm=1695244288&s=8cb1b4c56a632038e1e4445afd7f56e2

    Jared Kizer


    Head of Investment Research

  • image: https://buckingham-wealth.transforms.svdcdn.com/production/images/people/BSP_Headshots_0026_Jeffrey-Levine.jpg?w=500&h=500&auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=crop&dm=1674677766&s=d2cc55e51ec007ff00fdc0a33963a0b0

    Jeffrey Levine


    Chief Planning Officer

  • image: https://buckingham-wealth.transforms.svdcdn.com/production/images/people/Kitces-Michael.jpg?w=650&h=680&auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=crop&dm=1695330901&s=35c2a47ade4618d079f807bad0f06c1f

    Michael Kitces


    Head of Planning Strategy

Our fee-only approach.

Buckingham has been proudly fiduciary and a fee-only wealth management firm since its very first day nearly 30 years ago. This means we sell no financial products and receive no commissions from any source. Instead, we're solely in the business of advice. Our fees from clients are based on a percentage of our managed client assets in any given year and cover all of our investment management and financial planning services.

This structure underpins our ability to give fully independent, fiduciary advice and further puts us “on the same side of the table” as our clients. So, when you do well, we do well. Buckingham generally has a minimum annual fee of $3,000.

While we will not engage in hourly consulting, in a limited number of circumstances we will engage in one-time, planning-only engagements.

Tax preparation services are available but charged separately.

We are where you are.

We proudly serve more than 10,000 clients from more than 48 locations across all 50 states.

In some cases, we work with clients remotely. In the event there isn't a Buckingham office nearby, travel becomes complicated, or our clients are busy checking off a few bucket list items, we're happy to accommodate your schedule. We can meet via video chat, email, or through our online client portal – from around the block or around the world.

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