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We know there are thousands of small, boutique RIAs delivering highly personal experiences to clients. On the other end of the spectrum, there are a handful of national-level RIAs delivering cookie-cutter experiences to clients. Our vision is to combine the best of both worlds — to “out-national the local and to out-local the national.” We believe this is the right way forward not just for us, but for all clients we serve now and will serve in the future.

It goes without saying that we’re highly selective.

In simplest terms, we’re looking for partners who align with our mission, vision and values. First and foremost, we’re fiduciaries. We do what is best for our clients, and are passionate about doing so – and working with others who are, too.

That means we’re also looking for forward-thinking advisors that work as hard as we do to bring new ideas into the fold, all while maintaining the integrity, culture and trajectory of our firm.

We are an organization that seeks not to impose, but to evolve. Some of our best thinking, some of the best aspects of our client experience, and some of our best leaders have come to us through partnerships. Partnerships aren’t just about adding to the AUM. They’re about bringing new talent and new ideas into our organization and making us better.

Our approach is personal for you and your team – and by joining Buckingham, all of you can benefit from joining a growing firm that both shares your values and is passionate about being a leader and beacon of quality in the advisory industry.

Most pertinent, perhaps, is the reality that often times firms on the hunt to acquire RIAs make no pretense about the fact that they’re seeking the sellers/owners to transition and fade away. That’s not us. Time and again, when we partner with folks like you – professionals who’ve built great businesses on their own backs and with their own effort and hard work – we free you from the shackles of all the business-owner headaches that took you away from what you originally got in this business to do.

Every partnership has its own unique aspects and appealing characteristics. The differences new team members bring to Buckingham are as valuable and sought after as the similarities. The experiences each new advisor and associate have deepens our talent bench while expanding our knowledge base.

We understand joining a larger team involves change and may be daunting for some parties involved, and it’s here where we believe we really excel. An entire group is dedicated to the onboarding and integration of your business and your team with Buckingham.

Every step of the way is guided by experienced team members who care deeply about your comfort and ease of transition. Several of these team members have stood where you do today, on the cusp of an important life decision, unsure about what it would mean to partner with someone else.

They’ve taken their experiential knowledge and applied it to create a holistic, clear and caring experience for new partners, teams and clients. We hope what this means for you and your team is an exciting new beginning where the restrictions and stress of running your own RIA are shed, and your team feels welcomed and guided every step of the way.

With over 40 like-minded entrepreneurs joining us over the past decade, we’ve carefully cultivated the ability, genuine passion and the depth of resources to help clients achieve the most positive and seamless transition possible. One foundational concept we operate under is that a partnership with Buckingham should be additive to you, and should build upon and enhance the experience you’ve created for your clients.

Our well-tailored partnering process helps ensure your transition is in no way a disruption to your clients. Our communications help address concerns and client questions from the offset. We look to quell doubts and reassure clients that their goals and dreams are as cared for and protected as always. We hope they come to view our partnership as not a change but an evolution of the great service and care you’ve always provided.

As partner firm of Focus Financial Partners, LLC (“Focus”), Buckingham Strategic Wealth is supported by Focus with access to capital, diligence, and deal structure specialization. Focus is an indispensable strategic partner. Since Buckingham’s founding, we have always maintained our entrepreneurial culture and independence, and since 2007 we have benefitted from Focus’ network and scale. Focus Financial Partners, Inc. trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the ticker “FOCS.”

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