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Live in the now.

At Buckingham, we obsess over planning for your life, so you can focus more on living it. With an evidence-based approach and nothing but your best interests at heart, we’ll continuously research and optimize every facet of your financial life to put you in the best position to reach your goals. We obsess, so you don’t have to.

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Our fee-only approach.

Buckingham has been proudly fiduciary and a fee-only wealth management firm since its very first day nearly 30 years ago. This means we sell no financial products and receive no commissions from any source. Instead, we're solely in the business of advice. Our fees from clients are based on a percentage of our managed client assets in any given year and cover all of our investment management and financial planning services.

This structure underpins our ability to give fully independent, fiduciary advice and further puts us “on the same side of the table” as our clients. So, when you do well, we do well. Buckingham generally has a minimum annual fee of $3,000.

While we will not engage in hourly consulting, in a limited number of circumstances we will engage in one-time, planning-only engagements.

Tax preparation services are available but charged separately.

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